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LAST UPDATE: 20.04.2024

About A New PS4 Exclusive for Days Gone, but now for PC!

Quick Overview

  • Game Developer: SIE Bend Studio
  • Game Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Game Directors: John Garvin and Jeff Ross
  • Script Writer: John Garvin
  • Game Composer: Nathan Whitehead
  • Game Design: Unreal Engine
  • Platform: Play Station 4
  • Genre: Action, adventure, and survival horror
  • Gaming mode: Single-player
  • Release Date: In short

Days Gone

Days Gone is an upcoming action–adventure survival horror play station game of an open-world environment that SIE Bend Studio is developing. Since ‘Syphon Filter’ in 1999 and ‘Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow’ in 2010, Days Gone would be the first home console game. The Unreal Engine 4 is the genre that is being helped in developing the game process. Days Gone PC version can be found on the web space in near times as one of the biggest feasts to game lovers by the Sony Interactive Environment.

Game lovers can also assemble at Sony’s Gamescom, the exclusive booth for the games, to grab their first chance to play the game!

The Game Play

‘Days Gone’ is an open world of zombies that is a post-apocalyptic action cum adventure survival horror thrill game. It has the feature of a third-person perspective to play the game. As the game is set in a world environment, the player can choose either of the ways out of the multiple options to complete their objectives, such as using stealth for gradual transcribes or taking any forceful approach by using short & long-range weapons.

The game also features a dynamic day-night cycle that would make the Freakers go weak and slow down during the day at the exact time reverse of it that is very quick and aggressive during the night.


The Characters

Samuel Witwer plays the role of Deacon in the name of St. John, wherein the players have to control him, who is a drifter and a former bounty hunter. In the game, he seems to have preferred the choice of living on a dangerous road over wilderness encampments. The game takes place a couple of years after a world suffered from an endemic effect that killed all the human kinds and transformed millions of others into ‘Freakers’ – the mindless, stupid ‘zombies’ like creatures that evolved quickly.

Two types of Freakers can be found– this concept of two faces was revealed in E3 2016 as Newts and Hordes.


The Game Development

‘Days Gone’ is actually in the labor ward to prepare for its launch by 2015 itself, wherein the platform of Unreal Engine 4 is developing. John Garvin is the Creative Director & the Script Writer, and Jeff Ross is into the tasks of completing the direction of ‘Days Gone.’


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The Storyline

The storyline is much more compelling. The game ‘Days Gone’ is all about the survivors and what helps them transform into humans with love, regret, brotherhood, friendship, loss, craziness, extreme anxiety, and unfaithfulness as the core idea. On the whole, it explains how even a brazen outhold with complete tragedies finds reason to live further at last, wherein they steer, proving the maxim that – Hope Never Dies! Just browse through the phrase Days Gone download PC to grab your choice of entering the world of ‘Days Gone.’

Days Gone download pc


Key Features of the Game

  1. Open World Environment
  • Days Gone seems to be an extreme real-time experience and exceedingly realistic in a world atmosphere by the power of Unreal Engine 4 that made it work on Play Station 4. When you enter the game, you will enjoy the real-time experience on the back of Deacon’s Drifter bike.
  • When entering towns & buildings with no lighting to search at great risk, bring about real-time – eye adaption technology. Though weather is critical in affecting the enemy behavior, as day & night have enormous impacts, abandoned vehicles are handy.


  1. Brutal Sandbox Combat
  • As a free-form game play, Days Gone can be played efficiently to explore, strategize, and play the game to win. All the challenges and the combats can be tackled well in infinite ways. Moreover, the players can find different sets of weapons and arms (including but not limited to brutal melee weapons and traps) from the fields that can be crafted well.
  • One can also find customizable weapons and talents that offer how the game can be well played!


  1. Unique Enemies
  • In this serious action play adventurous game Days Gone, Freakers are the unique enemies who are mere brainless and uncivilized creatures, but they seem to be in demand of needs, habits, and behaviors wherein the player has to learn and adapt to pass the levels of the game to move further.
  • Adding to the human Drifters as the other set of unique enemies, marauders, and militia, Deacon has to face all the obstacles in wilderness tackling techniques.


  1. Unique game design
  • The game is designed on a unique set – a single geographical area that gives the natural feel of a forsaken environment. The harsh, in-depth desert forests of the Pacific Northwest, wherein the Deacon has to cross over the pristine forests, snowfields, lush meadows, and lava fields.
  • The environment seems to be highly hazardous. It is disfigured by millions of years of volcanic eruptions, long years of lava flows, cliffs, river basins, valleys, caves, and hilltops, showing wrecking moments.


Days Gone PC Download Tutorial

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LAST UPDATE: 20.04.2024

Days Gone free download