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The Last of Us PC Download is nothing “friendly” as in Uncharted: everything is more cruel, brutal, ruthless, and bleak, not worth reflecting on a world in which there are no friends and the rules of the past already. It is an appalling world in which both the infected and other survivors are the enemy to beat to get scarce resources and to keep on living. In sum, the more raw and inhuman atmosphere you’ve ever seen in a game with “infected.”
The Last of Us occurs in a hypothetical reality set in the future, 20 years later. A variant of the fungus cordyceps has mutated, and now, their spores affect human beings, something that a BBC documentary showed is already happening with a species of Ant. In the case of ants, these spores modify their appearance and behavior, making them more violent. The game starts with the premise that this mutation has begun to affect the human being…
The fungus settles in the head and bursts from the inside after a period of mutation but is unfinished with the carrier. During all phases of this mutation, the infected are hostile tremendously, although the first is more agile and keeps your senses (you can see us, they run… in this stage are known as “runners”), while the most advanced are blind and somewhat slower but much more lethal (at this stage are known as chasqueadores).
There is a Variable that we will not detail so that you bring yourself the surprise by playing, only to say that, do the “final boss” times on three counted areas in the game and are the hardest nut to crack. There are more types of infected, but no matter: our worst enemy will always be other humans, as we will soon discover in the adventure. As we have already warned, it is a world without mercy, and each will do what you can to keep living, even ending the neighbor…
It is not more to warn whenever there are that, at first, the advance may be a little slow, away from the frantic development of, for example, Uncharted. But as we move, we will learn to distract enemies by throwing objects in the other direction, to use bladed weapons melee, to create new artifacts (Molotov cocktails, explosive cans…), and gain access to new weapons (rifle, bow, shotgun, flamethrower…), the range of possibilities is growing, and with it, our strategies are diversified.
As in the case of the zombies, a simple snack of someone infected begins the mutation process, which ends with a pandemic and chilling performance: in 20 years, more than half of the world’s population has been killed or mutated because of these spores or their effects. And not only that: the survivors take refuge in ciudades-gueto, protected by scarce military forces that remain, malviviendo as best they can. Rationing primers are the basis of this new world, where the rats are a precious asset.
Even in this chaos, humanity agrees: in cities already, it has abandoned the possibility of finding a cure, while that one faction, “rebel,” baptized as the Firefly, is fighting against that view of the world. And there’s more: another faction, nicknamed “hunters,” who have become vital in some areas and are dedicated to ending the other survivors to stay with their scarce goods (clothes, food…). The Last of Us Download PC version is right below!


The Last of Us download pc


The Last of Us PC Download does an exceptional job of recreating a downright bleak, sad, cruel, and depressing world in which deterioration, carelessness, the reconquest of urban areas by nature, and memories of “people” who are no longer sprout at every step: notes desperate, painted on walls, abandoned photos… all get to create a distressing climate that we have not seen in other games “epidemic,” such as Resident Evil. And it is not their only merit…
The plot and psychological design of all his characters are the pillars of the game. With questions of embargoes and developer requests, we can only enter into a bit of detail in some respects, but we will try to have the essential unpopped nothing. The protagonist, Joel, lives in one of these last remnants of humanity, a city fenced and closed to the outside, where he survives wheeling and dealing with supplies and weapons, both outside and inside the city, along with his classmate Tess.
One day, one of your “businesses” is distorted, and to recover a shipment of weapons, you are forced to collaborate with the fireflies, who charge them a mission: get to the young Ellie in the city until one of their bases. We’ll find out the reason throughout the journey, and at the express request of Naughty Dog, we won’t be able to mention it in this analysis. Yes, as you can imagine, the journey is complicated and extends more than expected, precisely close to a full year, a time in which absolutely everything happens… and practically nothing good.
Nothing good from the point of view that we are going to live all the possible situations that you pass through the head: coming across groups of hunters who will try to kill us, fleeing infected groups in dark places illuminated only by the faint light of our flashlight, sharing part of the journey with other small groups of survivors or even visit a friend who survives only in the middle of the chaos so that you return a favor to us. These situations, and many more that we can’t tell, are articulated around an adventure that is atypical in many ways.
If we were to find a reference in terms of mechanical, something like TLOU, the more precise is the original Manhunt. As in the Rockstar game, almost everyone is against us, both infected as humans and the scarcity of resources, so stealth becomes our primary weapon. Plundering the enemies from behind and finishing them without making any noise tends to be more effective than shooting firearms since the sound will attract others and, worse, will never walk very buoyant ammo. Pistols or revolvers are not pasaremos of the 20 bullets.
Is more. Deal with the infected is different from fighting against other “humans.” For example, to silently kill a “casque dor,” it is essential to have a knife or, in their absence, a melee weapon as a bar… but if we seize during the struggle, we have many possibilities of dying. With humans, the thing is different: we can get from their necks, using them as human shields to save knives, but they are also known to work as a team to surround themselves better or hide, making it difficult to fight. And that is not to mention their reactions to the weapons that we use (try to shoot them with a gun without ammo and see).
The Last of Us Download PC is one of the adventures of the year and one of the must-haves for the PS3 catalog. Are you going to lose?


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The Last of Us free download