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Salt and Sanctuary PC Download is the new Ska Studios, a humble independent Studio formed by a couple living in Washington. He is responsible for the code, arts, and music, and it complements the artistic work while he leads the design. After a resume that listed some games passing without making too much noise for Xbox Live, such as The Dishwasher or Charlie Murder, it seems that the moment of recognition has come today itself, the date in which Salt and Sanctuary for PlayStation 4 was marketed (with a later version which will be cross-buy PlayStation).
When we attended the PlayStation Digital Showcase last month, we were again amazed by the quality of this game. Therefore, A must was able to access the final version, play without ties, and suffer in the darkest of our corners. Suffer despair because of the frustration of trying over and over again and having to repeat in even less advantageous conditions. Do I sound symptoms? Indeed, everything sounds like a Dark Soul.
And it is that from Ska Studios at any time they wanted to renege on what the primary source of inspiration for Salt and Sanctuary is. They have caught many of the ingredients and the work of From Software mechanical. Still, far from wanting to do what you already tried (with moderate success), City Interactive and Deck13 with Lords of the Fallen wanted to give a touch of distinction: bring that experience into an action and platform game in 2D. And you have done everything correctly; everything is said.
As a worthy game of inspired Souls, we also found some RPG components in the proposal. The first thing we have to do to start our road to Calvary of Constant Death is choose one of eight classes available, which provide different ways to play and begin to give an idea of the depth of the title. The available options are Knight, Mage, paladin, thief, chef, clergyman, beggar, or Hunter. We opted for the Hunter, as its initial combination of whip and triggerfish seemed a combo that would make it easy for us to attack comfortably from a distance—first error.
The story resets with our protagonist in a shipwreck on the shores of the first real scenario that opens before us. That will be only the starting square’s extensive collection of levels that we will have at our disposal. We will only take a little time to find an NPC that will ask us specific questions to determine our creed. This will have some strategic components. You either need to wait too long to see our first sanctuary; that will do as a bonfire of the saga of Souls. However, at this time, our learning the hard way about what you must do begins. A few messages in a bottle will give us a brief track on controls. Something also very Souls that you drop in the middle of the carnage and even give you the recipe for survival. Salt and Sanctuary: Download the PC version right below!


Salt and Sanctuary download pc


Salt and Sanctuary PC download tells the story of a sailor, and precisely, in a boat, the playable phase. The first enemies fight with members of the crew, and we serve as the only moment of relative respite and the techniques of combat training. After the level, a vast monster seems like our first boss, but without a greater possibility of reaction, it ends with us in one fell swoop. This first slap in the face, wholly scripted and the last exponent of “enemy that can’t be beaten,” will be a clear message from the game: “Under this relatively friendly aesthetic, you’ll find a game hard and difficult of noses.”
Unlike bonfires, the shrines are customizable stays. As its name indicates, they are places where they worship the deities of the chosen religious order and get rewards. In these sanctuaries, the only refuge where breathing and being safe for a few moments, you can sacrifice some relics to improve them, add NPC allies such as merchants, magicians, or blacksmiths, and in addition to being the center of our progress control, allowing level, transmute weapons or enable quick trip points.
This variety of objects is relatively frequent on the island (taking into account the shortage of other items, such as healing items). It is particularly suitable to make the player think about what best comes in every moment. In addition, there are some shrines that we will not find gaps in but already have an established clergy. In that case, we can take advantage of its benefits or raze everything fanatic.
If the praises collected so far are insufficient, Salt and Sanctuary has a commendable artistic design, bringing the hallmark of distinction and personality to the game. Not only is the design of enemies, NPCs, or our own, according to a technique that simulates to be drawn by hand but also the funds of the scenarios. In addition, everything is perfectly animated. The most incredible display of this will suffer in our own flesh in the clashes against the chiefs and seeing how they can perform certain combos with us in the air as a juggle, again naming a term in the dictionary of fighting games.
If you resist the move, Salt and Sanctuary incorporates ambitious features that can be played in co-op. Thus, while you reescalate something about the vitality of enemies, you can opt to combine two types of gameplay according to classes. Each of our characters can indeed equip two slots of different weapons, which offers a more significant possibility of alternatives, but this is applied simultaneously with the cooperative. We are castling after high protection while our fellow cast spells can be a good strategy… at least temporarily. And we can always attack a teammate to start the PvP.
Salt and Sanctuary Download PC follows a simple scheme of Dungeon and boss. However, the way to beat you in a duel with any of them is not a path of roses. The game has a wide variety of enemies who get to take advantage of the weaknesses of each class available, so if you’re relatively effective against a type of enemy, it will soon appear that puts you in a bind.


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