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The Witness PC Download, after many hours exploring the world, was created by Jonathan Blow, the father of a genuine work of art indie as Braid. The Witness is a unique, immense, and devilishly complicated game.
After waiting a long time, they finally reached The Witness to PS4 and PC, the second by Jonathan Blow. Braid, a game that the line that separated the ‘big’ games and the independent and staged a coup in the table showing that works of this caliber could pass, in many respects, the hand above the face million-dollar productions of the consolidated studies petered arrived in August 2008.
Braid had brutal artwork, a soundtrack that gives pleasure listening to any occasion, and a few puzzles with a very set difficulty curve, allowing us to move forward in a ‘ fairy tale’ story. It could be said that Braid opened the door of the great independent consoles, being the precursor of games such as Limbo, Fez, Super Meat Boy, and Bastion, among many others.
The Witness will be in ten areas, each with different blocks of puzzles. When we complete the puzzles of a given block, we will open another door that will lead us to another block of challenges hitherto inaccessible. If we’re lucky, that mini-bloque will unlock one of the other door locks that we believed we had left behind long ago.
Everything on the island is connected, and this will be another of the game’s virtues, leaving to stand for a particular puzzle game and still advance in the game by solving puzzles of another block situated in, for example, the other end of the island. Except for the doors closed, we will have ample enough space to explore, get lost, interact, relax, and think the way to overcome that damn maze with which we have been half an hour. Who knows if, during one of those rides, we’ll unwittingly be in a puzzle where there to guide a stroke, but we must take care to step on where not to miss. The Witness is lovely and we will feel ourselves gods when we overcome certain puzzles, that’s one of the great virtues of the game.
In addition to a challenge, when we pass a couple of blocks, we discover that we must not only motivate ourselves with a resolution of the different mazes but also a story, a context which, although it may seem somewhat vague, intrigues us.
Eight years later, Blow returns to the fray with a marvel for PS4 and PC that isn’t one game. It’s a bet at all, causing even the indebtedness of the own Blow to finish the game. This statement, which might seem an exaggeration, is understood perfectly once we lose the colorful island of The Witness, where we are, the puzzles, many doors, and the sound of the waves. The Witness Download PC version is right below!

The Witness download pc


The Witness PC Download begins with your character in a basement. You don’t see anything around, and controls ‘encourage’ us to move forward. Then, when walking along a narrow cylindrical tunnel that looks like the entrance to a nuclear shelter, we see a light that invites us to continue walking. Out of the dark tunnel, you will discover a wonderful world with intense orange, blue, violet, and green saturated colors. We will conquer the Witness first, thanks to a visual section that exudes good taste on all four sides.
The visuals are the main facet that Thekla Inc. has touted in The Witness since it is the most accessible show when discussing this game. On this occasion, we forget graphics engines with names that exude power by themselves and other technical jargon. Just highlight that when Cuando Corremos runs at certain times, we will find something popping, which is not frequent or bothersome, but there it is.
The game’s artistic design denotes an attention to detail and exquisitely as objects, trees, shadows… nothing is ‘ because yes ‘ but that everything, absolutely everything, has a reason for being that it translates into the facet playable since not everything is what it seems. Note that the Thekla team has put meats on the grill to show a beautiful world that we will impact for no reason but that will catch us thanks to a whole. Mill, Castle, the beach, the tunnels, the fields… everything exudes beauty, and we invite you to stroll, explore the island, and, above all, let us take.
What’s more, I dare say that the first hours will not encourage us to explore the fantastic world which we have before us but the own puzzles since how in real life when we are faced with a problem, pad listening to the background sound, observe a panoramic of the scenarios and rethink our strategy as we walked through the area more like it in the game will be the key not to despair or become darn crazy due to the debilitating challenges Blow has prepared for us.
Although the visuals are precious, the main virtue of the game is its puzzles. From the first step, we leave the tunnel where the game starts; if the artistic section does not enrapture us, we will solve puzzles until this fascinating work ends. The mechanics are very simple; you must stop the Panel you want to resolve, select it, and guide the stroke of color on the right track. It is straightforward; the first four, five, or six puzzles will be short, and we invite you to trust us.
The Witness Download PC is a game that does not go with half-measures. If you like puzzles, you are before a vital game with a lot of challenges in which we will have to break our heads out victorious and where we will also enjoy a narrative line that was not necessary. Still, there is, in addition to a beautiful visual that leads us squarely into a colorful island paradise.


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The Witness free download