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Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PC Download for PS4 brings us back to the origin of the adventure. It is a compilation of the first three games of the series, Uncharted (The Treasure of Drake, the Kingdom of Thieves, and Drake’s) remastered 1080 p and extras. But there are also some pitfalls that guard this treasure of Naughty Dog.
The saga Uncharted in full (without taking into account portable deliveries) becomes PS4 to “advance” the launch of Uncharted Four, the outcome of The Thief, in March 2016. This Uncharted, The Nathan Drake Collection, is a compilation of three brilliant games (Uncharted Drake Treasure with a 92, Uncharted two the Kingdom of Thieves with a 94 grade on Hobby consoles and here you can see a video of Uncharted Three analysis) that enjoy an improved technical section and new modes, but how can it have withstood the passage of time?
Nathan Drake, our protagonist, has become one of the adventurers with more charisma of the consoles (we offer the confrontation Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft). Today, his name is synonymous with excitement, exotic locations, and a sense of copying the humor of the Indiana Jones films. But it was only sometimes thus. Indeed, one of the most exciting things about having three games on PS4 is to see how the approach has improved. While in the first game, it appears almost like a generic hero, without too much involvement in what he does, and with a typical relationship with Elena Fisher and Victor – brutally Sully – Sullivan, the character evolves in two subsequent deliveries.
In both Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, Drake’s deception, Nathan is not only capable of exploring, jumping, and fighting like anyone, but it defines your personality. We know Drake is on the edge of death, and a second woman – Chloe – comes into play and visits his childhood and the relationship, almost like a father, who joins Sully. All this forms an outstanding character, the “living” video game history. Now that we know the protagonist, we come to immerse ourselves in their adventures.
Admittedly, the “remaster” to 1080 p and a 60 FPS rate still looks great. The forest returns to impress us with this resolution thanks to technical improvements such as the greater distance of drawing, more realistic behavior of particles, and improved light effects. The truth is that models and scenarios have nothing to envy to the current generation games (and why the original Uncharted appeared eight years) and what more “sing” are the facial expressions of Nathan or some animations.
Drake Treasury defends himself as a good adventure but accused the passage of time and its rhythm of sometimes faltering. Their best moments, such as the discovery of the submarine or the climb up the wall of the fortress, are switched off because of repetitive scenarios and with a too-obvious design. Luckily, it is something that does not happen to two subsequent deliveries. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Download the PC version right below!


Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection download pc


Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PC Download is kept in tip-top shape. Not only do we have superior visuals, but that narrative pulse, the variety of situations, and the interaction with other characters remain excellent. From the beginning of the second installment, with a flashback to a wrecked train until the end of Uncharted 3, in the desert, these two games are more than 20 hours of mastery in all paragraphs.
Although it is an improved version, Uncharted could pass through “next-gen” games without problems, and in this sense, is only a step behind what already got The Last of Us remastered for PS4. The puzzles are well-balanced; shootings pose a challenge for players of all levels, and the cinematic rhythm never stops. Of course, music – and dubbing into Spanish – have yet to do but improved with the remastered 7.1, and control is foolproof, but the Dual Shock, a touch panel, has just taken advantage.
However, “all is not gold that glitters” in this archaeological find. The price includes the three games on a disc, and it has been giving up the multiplayer mode in Uncharted 2 and 3 (and is not negligible). In Exchange, the collection allows us to access the beta of Uncharted Four, the outcome of the next Thief on December 4 (the game launch scheduled for March 2016), but that does not compensate for it all. The same can be said about delivery for PS Vita and Uncharted Abyss of Gold, but Naughty Dog has explained why it is not in the collection.
Then, is it worth it? If you have played it on PS3, you have; they are three excellent games that do not notice the passage of time (especially the second and the third) and still can surprise us. Now, if you know them “from memory,” may technical improvements – or access to the beta of Uncharted 4 – be an incentive that is enough to get it.
Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Download PC is a perfect collection: three outstanding games covering the character’s history. It includes improvements like full HD resolution, a new brutal difficulty level, and photo mode. And if that was little, we recovered more than 80 characters for the Render Mode. Unique trophies have been established in three games, including the option of having us time trial mode Speed Run.

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Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection free download