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LAST UPDATE: 27.02.2024

About A New PS4 Exclusive for Gran Turismo Sport, but now for PC!

Quick Glance

  • Game genres: Action car & Sim racing
  • Game Developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment America
  • Game Creator: Kazunori Yamauchi
  • Platforms: Play Station 2, 3 and Portable
  • First Release: On December 23, 1997 as Gran Turismo
  • Latest Release: December 5, 2013 as Gran Turismo 6
  • New Release: In short as Gran Turismo Sport pc version

Polyphony Digital has developed the racing video game Gran Turismo (abbreviated as ‘GT’) wherein the game has been acclaiming a series. The game is exclusively developed for play station wherein the racing game lovers can be able to enjoy the rides with numerous vehicles that are licensed reproductions on real world automobiles.

Since the first release of the game made in December 23, 1997 about 76 million units have been sold out worldwide for the play station series of 2, 3 and portable. Under the play station bandwidth, Gran Turismo was the highest ever selling video game. It took five years for Kazunori Yamauchi for the completion of original Gran Turismo wherein in the recent December 2015; the sale was about 76.5 million copies. Now the new launch would be Gran Turismo Sport as the game lovers can be able to grab their first choice to play the game by Gran Turismo Sport pc download on the web space in near times.


Exclusive only for Play Station series

The world’s first racing game experience that is actually built on the competitions across world level wherein they were approved by the largest governing body of the international motor sports – the FIA (Federation International Automobile).

The Game Overview

As the game genre is ‘Racing’, it calls the racing game lovers as “Welcome to the future of motor sports”! Wherein the car racing game lovers would indeed the experience the definitive motor racing back & better ever on play station 4. Gran Turismo Sport would be the ever first world’s top racing experience.

The game can be found online as Gran Turismo Sport download pc in near times as the racing video game lovers are seen sitting with fingers crossed!

Gran Turismo Sport download pc

Revolution the racing game:

  1. The FIA sponsors the (online) championship certifications in which the racer (player) can represent his/her own country while taking part in the game. He/she can choose his/her own car manufacturer through two approved championships of National level Cup and Manufacturers Fan Cup.
  2. No matter of the other players that where ever they are from, despite the ages, regions, driving capabilities, racing skills as an advanced match making, the racer can compete against any one.
  3. Racer Identity: The player as the gamer, can be able to create his/her own legacy as in when can also manage and compare the racing skills against the ordinary drivers across the world through number of challenges and seasonal race leagues to pitch driver and racer identity.

The Real time racing simulator

  1. The game Gran Turismo offers the most real time driving experience and guidance for all time driving efficiency with its physics and vehicle dynamics
  2. The Race starts right from the motor vehicle of 140 Super Premium Cars of high performance
  3. The gaming racer can be able to experience the tracks of different varieties of about 27 and literally 19 locations across the world, that include Nurburgring – the legendary Tokyo Expressway and the oval track at Northern Isle Speedway


Experience the ultimate racing at Gran Turismo

  1. Race offline: On personalizing the race garages, the gaming racer can be able to play on two different modes – Campaign mode and Arcade mode for single race, time trial, drift trial and 2 Players with split screen
  2. Vision Gran Turismo: There are about two dozens of branded cars in the game racing that include the cars from world renowned manufacturer & brands. Bugatti, BMW, Mercedes and Aston Martin to name a few!
  3. Brand Central: It is one another new car that is been discovered through the past, present and future timeline with the help of auto manufacturers’ lens
  4. Customization: The editor support of fully featured livery, the racer can customize his/her card according to the favorites
  5. Photo scopes: By featuring across world level space, the gaming racer can be able to place his/her car anywhere that is customized on social media for more visibility.

On the Media

“Gran Turismo 6, which will be launched this winter, has taken the game’s graphics to new levels of realism.”

  • Telegraph

“Gran Turismo 6’s photorealistic graphics make it almost impossible to determine what’s real and what’s virtual.”

  • Daily Mail

“On the track, the changes are even more dramatic. The weight balancing and dynamics of the cars feels more accurate than before, with the use of improved suspension modeling and tyre interaction.”

  • Eurogamer

On News

Here appending a few spots of hot lights that news channels focused on Gran Turismo Sport’s new launch!

  1. Much more bites on Gran Turismo Sport that got revealed at the play station experience show
  2. The first Gran Turismo Sport’s official Steering Wheel ‘Thrust master T300RS GT Edition’ comes for sale
  3. Gran Turismo Sport for exclusive PS4 makes the gamers entering a new era of visual experience
  4. Quick updates on GT Sport’s updates and tit bits
  5. Gran Turismo goes on best on the show in 2016 by the immaculate Ford brand of the made 1951
  6. In real time, out of 135,000 competitors, Mexico’s Hamui is been crowned at 2016’s GT Academy Champion

The modes of Game

Gran Turismo is actually be called as ‘Real Racing Simulator’ and then it is been known very famously as ‘Real Driving Simulator’, wherein in the case of GT Sport Polyphony has extended the scopes a lot more. The game carries more scope of modes when compare to the former one GT 6. Along with the couple of modes, Campaign mode and Arcade mode the gamers can find more modes.

What is more then? Just count the days to grab the first choice to kick the first gear of your choice brand racing car on Gran Turismo Sport version!


Gran Turismo Sport PC Download Tutorial

Gran Turismo Sport pc version

1- Click the “Download Gran Turismo Sport” button below.

2- Open the File “Gran Turismo Sport PC Downloader” and install it.

3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.

4- Done.

Game Features

Fast Installation
No Errors
All Game Features
No Virus
Working in any operation system

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File Name : Gran Turismo Sport
File Size : 80GB(Game)
Platform:   PC

LAST UPDATE: 27.02.2024

Gran Turismo Sport free download