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Driveclub PC Download is a unique racing game for PlayStation 4. The game was released a month ago, and after having been delayed almost a year to make improvements, will the extra time be able to leave the whole game? You’ll be able to check out our full review of Driveclub.
When Driveclub was announced, it would be one of the games for the PlayStation 4 release. With realistic graphics, a significant focus on social clubs, which help to give a name to the game, and the offering of the game for PlayStation Plus subscribers have given Driveclub instantly the status of one of the most anticipated games of the new video game.
That’s when, just over a month before the console’s release in October, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, announced that the game would be postponed to 2014 without a date, stating that “the development team needed more time to implement his vision. The postponement for so long began to leave the players with the flea behind the ear and with reason.
Driveclub finally arrived in stores on the day of 7 October 2014. And, to sadness, full of problems that prevent players from connecting and trying just the social network game propagandized. Evolution Studios, the company responsible for the game, recognized that not only did the number of servers need to be increased, but the codes were implemented with bugs.
To make matters worse, Sony has indefinitely delayed the free version offered in October to PS Plus subscribers, causing a massive revolt until those who didn’t have the game and wanted to try it. Several fixes have been released, but none managed to solve the problems.
In our analysis, getting in and finishing a multiplayer event was a cause for celebration. Ten attempts, at about 6 or 7, occurred connection problems with the servers. The connection was maintained; only half the players could continue to the end without being disconnected—a shame.
In addition to the multiplayer, the dropped connections affected all the social aspects of the game. In addition to being impossible to create events and participate in challenges, the icons are jammed, so they cannot be accessed. The Club area was affected. The height was, after changing the emblem of the game and trying to save it on the server, the game stayed locked, forcing them to close it and reopen it to use it.
But Driveclub is more than just a pit of problems! Let’s talk about the positive aspects of the game. Right off the bat, what calls attention are the graphics; they are very well made and beautiful. The cars were rebuilt with mastery, including their internal panels and the sound of their engines. The nature of the game is also beautiful. Before each match, we are shown scenes of the environment, and we inevitably want to see all of it and notice every detail.
Another point that calls attention to the game is its playability; it is straightforward to start, though difficult to master completely – especially the drift maneuver, which is not very easy to do in Driveclub. An interesting point is the ability to use the motion sensor of the DualShock 4 as input, a function used throughout our test, and it turned out perfectly functional.
And here it’s worth a note: our low rating in this regard was motivated not by the controls themselves but by all the frustrating experiences with the online game connection, also affecting the note for fun.
Driveclub Download PC has three play modes: Tour, Multiplayer, and single event. The Tour is a one-player mode, with races and challenges with gradual difficulty. The game does not have trouble. The interface has changed a lot since last year, if inspiring enough, on the Real Racing 3, a racing game for mobile devices.
The events are started at intervals of a few seconds in multiplayer mode. Each has its rules, like being able to use only German cars or super potent. If you do not have a vehicle, the game lends you, but you don’t take fame, the game’s success.


DriveClub download pc


In Driveclub PC download, the player can choose to play a single event, race against time, or dispute drift. This mode is suitable for practicing on the game’s slopes, then setting off on the Tour or multiplayer. There is yet another mode called Challenge, which is not available for server problems.
The game is not a simulator, pending more for arcade-style games like Need for Speed. Driveclub has no open world, with various paths in different countries: Canada, Chile, India, Norway, and Scotland. New posts should be added, with rumors pointing to tracks in Japan.
You can have fun with Driveclub – at least until you try to use the game’s online features. Each race the way Tour has at least three challenges; if complete, they give a star each serving to unlock races later, similar to several casual games today as Real Racing.
The racing challenges are varied, with objectives ranging from staying within a specific time to finishing under a particular heading. During the races, individuals were challenged to compare their performance with other players. There are three: walk the longest in a given path, hit the maximum or average speed on a stretch, or accumulate more points of drift. These challenges are interesting at first but ultimately lose their appeal.
In multiplayer matches, the challenge becomes more real. How are other human players? It’s normal to see them screwing up and leave running, sometimes going back to the middle of the track and disrupting other players. Each race also has world time and ranking of your friends, something quite interesting that challenges you to train harder to beat them.
Unfortunately, Driveclub gives the impression of not having been done – and that with a year’s delay, which leads to imagining the level of the game a year ago. The beautiful effects of rain and snow will be available only in the future, no time. The game also doesn’t have a replay of the race, something somewhat surprising since it makes it impossible to enjoy the game’s look even more.
Another criticism is the soundtrack. There are five songs, each counting with five different versions, totaling 25 other tunes for the match. But they are so little exciting that they are not enabled when you start the game, requiring the player to go to settings and turn up the sound that was at 0. It would be nice to be able to drive for beautiful music that is more inspiring.
Driveclub is a perfect game. Unfortunately, their implementation left much to be desired. The server problems created a whole Legion of frustrated users who had been eager for more than a year. The focus on development has a good impression on the charts, but they forgot to take care of the rest. And worse, even with so many extra months, Driveclub still seems to be in half, with the absence of weather effects, replay, and bugs. The game can be fun, Yes, but the frustration with the current version can obliterate the experience. DriveClub Download PC Version right now!

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