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Wild PC Download is a standalone game designed by Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman, in his new studio, Wild Sheep Studios. The title takes us back to prehistoric times in a large and constantly changing world.
Michel Ancel is one of the first Western artists we put a name and face in the 90s, along with David Perry, John Carmack, and Tim Schafer. Linked forever to Ubisoft, created the Rayman – the company mascot, a little in the shadow of the charismatic Rabbits until the release of Rayman Origins – and one of those titles called “cult” with good quality/low sales, Beyond Good & Evil. By that, when Ancel revealed the creation of a proper study, the news we missed much.
However, the Foundation of Wild Sheep Studio is not too trastocará for his role in Ubisoft Montpellier, or at least that has been said officially. Ubisoft will adopt a creative role in specific projects, including one “extremely ambitious close to the heart of the Studio” – Beyond Good & Evil 2-while Wild Sheep Studio works with more than one dozen developers with experience in Wild. If you can combine both jobs for a long time to be seen, it is clear that the creator of Rayman sought greater creative control or total freedom for new projects after the rumored differences with the company’s decisions.
Gamescom is not the largest of the three annual fairs in video games. The big blockbusters are reserved for E3, and the more commercial and Japanese studies courses opt for the Tokyo Game Show. Europe remains in a perfect intermediate point to show standalone products away from the genres most media that may not decorate magazine covers nor beat sales records. In other words, it is the ideal place for Wild.
It took a little bit of time to know what he had in hand for the study. The Sony Conference showed us over Rime, advertisements placed by Hellblade, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on console, The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, P.T. – Silent Hills – and as a final surprise reserved the game of Michel Ancel in collaboration with XDev, the division of Sony Worldwide responsible for publishing games created in territory PAL as Quantic Dream, Ninja Theory Half – before its acquisition – Molecule or Housemarque, among others.
And ambition is present Wild. It presents a massive map of Europe size; we do not know if it is only in extension or because it has been recreated its orography, full of a variety of locations to a continent can offer more wild version, by underground, underwater, slicing through the air, with dynamic weather changes and seasons, a nearly infinite world of possibilities in the lush vegetation in the spring autumn forests or the hard life in the snowy ride. Wild Download PC version right below!


Wild download pc
Wild PC Download and most of those games Gamescom have something in common: they are almost missing this middle class, now refugees in digital distribution. It has the more ambitious technique and is more playable than an amateur title. Without the promotional campaigns for Destiny or Call of Duty, it somehow collects the best of both models: originality and a graphic display according to which calls on its platform.
This changing world makes us “discover new even in the same place you know,” according to Ancel. For this, Wild mustn’t be a mere technical demo or a desolate wasteland, and here comes into play one of its most striking innovations: animals: “The best feature of our prototype phase was when we started to play like wolves, horses, and even trout!” So we decided that Wild creature was controllable, to the large and dangerous”.
“All of these combined functions open possibilities to many situations, especially when playing online. How you adapt to the game depends on you, what you do, and when to do it. Our concept is based on experiencing new situations every time you play it.”
A look at the trailer for the presentation gives us more clues about what keeps. The exclusivity of Wild allows, according to Ancel, to best exploit the console’s power. The truth is that it doesn’t seem like a production made in two evenings and transmits in the design of the character’s personality. Great credit to a new team, as a debut on PlayStation 4 and the gigantic scale of the environment.
There are humans in primitive clothing with rudimentary hunting methods. Still, survival is not the priority but rather exploration, since there is a character who hunt wolves as later appears accompanied them. It is possible that obtaining essential resources – food, clothing, collectables – produces naturally matches: you’re a horse, and I need to travel quickly, then we collaborate, or I am a carnivore hungry and you a weak boar.
Wild Download PC appears to be a sandbox in the original sense of the word, a box of sand where they give us game elements, and each user assembles his adventure. We do not know at this time what the objective is that guides our steps, although already there is gender in itself, the duplicate titles of freedom that are totally in vogue and can be the inspiration. Wild seems to need more constructive creativity in Minecraft or the labor taxation of The Children of Tomorrow but instead appears to give more importance to the part control and research, and even confrontation between users, something that would make it more friendly for traditional players.



Wild pc version
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LAST UPDATE: 05.12.2023

Wild free download