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LAST UPDATE: 23.09.2023

 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pc Download – Overview, Gameplay, Download and Installation Guide

Mario is worldwide popular, and there are numerous games on this character. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an installment in the same AAA game series. This game is developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo and published by Nintendo for Wii. Now, this game is also available for Microsoft Windows using the emulator.

This game came out in 2010 in the following series, which started in 2007. The story continues here as Mario pursues the Koopa King and bowser. This time, he is following them into outer space. The aim is to get Imprisoned princess peach safely back home. He has to travel through galaxies and recover the power start.

Seems like fun, right? Well, you can also play this game on your Microsoft windows. We are offering Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pc Download, and it is absolutely free. Before taking a deep dive and downloading, let’s explore more about the interactive gameplay.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pc Version Gameplay

The gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pc Version highly interactive and full of unique features that will enhance your gaming experience. You are in a large world full of enemies, and you are about to travel through galaxies in order to save the princess. The aim is to take over the enemies and keep on progressing and opening the door to different galaxies.

This is a 3D world game, and you will confront with a range of obstacles while progressing through this world. The theme varies, and the size of the creature also varies as per the galaxy you are in. You are controlling Luigi, and he has some deadliest abilities and moves to perform throughout the way.

The main objective is to collect power stars while progressing through the galaxies. You get power stars when your complete levels and accomplish something. Due to this, you are about to get yourself into a fun environment. There is nothing more interactive than such an action-adventure game, which is based on arcade genres of the nineties.

Can’t wait anymore, let’s begin by learning about the method to download and install this game.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 download pc


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Download and Installation – Learn The Method

When it comes to download the game and not to face any problem with the method, follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Visit our website and look for the action-adventure section. Here you can find the game by using filters.
  • If you can’t find the game, then search Super Mario Galaxy 2 Download, and then many results will pop-up in the list.
  • Choose the latest post, read about the game, and then hit the download button, which is at the bottom part of the page.
  • You can also download using a torrent magnet link from the same page, and it will help you get a resume and pause feature.

Once you have downloaded the game, follow the below-given steps to install this game in an effective manner –

  • Unpack the Super Mario Galaxy 2 PC Crack file.
  • Right-click on the setup file and run it as administrator.
  • Choose the desired language and follow the usual process.
  • Choose the installation location wisely to avoid any further issues.
  • Now, run the patch tool from the game folder.
  • Drive it to the location where you have installed the game.

Give your system permission to replace the files, and everything is done after that. Make sure that you restart your PC before running the game.

Essential Features to Learn About

Once you are done downloading the game but not sure about the safety, then you can check out all the essential features. As you get Super Mario Galaxy 2 download and install this game, you will easily notice the below-mentioned features –

  • Similar to Original Game – All the files are original, and there is no file ripped or re-encoded here. You can find that all the galaxies are the same; there are no bugs or crash-related issues. It is the primary reason that you will feel safe playing this game.
  • No Malicious Codes – So far, we have scanned the game and tested out everything. There are no malicious codes or viruses. You can check out these files on your PC, and you will feel safe while downloading this game.
  • Download Methods – We are offering you a torrent magnet link so that you can get this game conveniently. You can also choose direct download as the file size of the game isn’t that large.
  • Multilingual – All the language options are available in this game. Make sure that you choose the installation language wisely because it will be the default language in the entire game. You can’t change it after that.
  • Compatibility – To run this Wii game on your PC, we developed an emulator, and it is pre-equipped with the game. So, when you run the game, the emulator automatically runs on your PC, and you can enjoy the game.
  • Available for Free – There is no need to provide any bank detail or completing the survey to download this game. It is completely free, and you can get this game on your PC. Even the installation method is also very easy.
  • X64 and X86 Supported – It doesn’t matter that if your PC is running at x64 or x86, you can install this game without any problem. It is the primary feature which you can expect about the same.

These are all the impressive features that you can notice in this game. Most of the gamers have positive reviews about the same, and you won’t even be facing any issue with the game and compatibility.


After going through the complete guidepost and the method to download this game, you can feel assured that there is nothing harmful. You are about to travel through such vast galaxies, and the best thing you will find that we added small tweaks. If you are facing issues while progressing, you can get free stars. We hope that this guidepost for Super Mario Galaxy 2 Free download and installation will come in handy.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 PC Download Tutorial

Super Mario Galaxy 2 pc version

1- Click the “Download Super Mario Galaxy 2″ button below.

2- Open the File “Super Mario Galaxy 2 PC Downloader” and install it.

3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.

4- Done.

Game Features

Fast Installation
No Errors
All Game Features
No Virus
Working in any operation system

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Download PC version link

File Name : Super Mario Galaxy 2
File Size : 15GB(Game)
Platform:   PC
Filehost:   boxhilade
Estimate download time: 10min – 6h

LAST UPDATE: 23.09.2023

Super Mario Galaxy 2 free download

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