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LAST UPDATE: 27.02.2024

About Pokemon Y PC Version

Pokemon Y PC Download comes in a few days to level the world, and the expectation is through the roof.
Now, there is only a week for the launch to level the world of Pokemon Yy, with them a new generation of Pokemon. The expectation before its output is very high: there are many new features to discover in a few games that represent a revolution of the saga in several respects. Nintendo and GameFreak have sought to reveal details slowly, like the new Pokemon or Poke recess, but it’s nothing compared to having it in your hands. Get ready to discover a new region of Pokemon so far, never before explored by anyone, not even in Japan. Are prepared?
If you’re a fan of Pokemon’s life, like us, are sure that you have ever wondered over and over again: why is Pokemon with those simple graphics? Many thought it was inherent to the series; sprites and Eagle View never left us, while other similar RPGs looked incredible graphics. In specific mode, they seemed that out it natural, that Pokemon is a series so unique, so different, that that of the graphics was an aspect of less importance. With Pokemon Yesto changes, Pokemon could not afford to continue with 2D graphics on a console like the Nintendo 3DS, whose purpose is to look like authentic 3D graphics. And is that the fighting of Pokemon Ylucen ones graphics spectacular with ones Pokemon designed in cell-shading but respectful with the style of Ken Sugimori, with one’s movements and effects of battles very care that you will make raise you if really like turn off the animations of battle in this occasion (although have noticed a brief slowdown of the fight in situations with many Pokemon or effects in combat).
The majority of the scenarios of Kalos, though, are designed in perfect 3D and do not exploit the 3D function stereoscopic of the console. GameFreak has concluded that 3D should be used in specific moments, such as the fighting, the unique animations, or the caves, which highlight those moments. Pokemon Y Download the PC version right below!


Pokemon Y download pc


Pokemon Y PC Download continues the dynamic that has made it so stable and known to the series of Pokemon: your main mission is to defeat the eight leaders of the gym while completing the Pokédex of the region of Kalos. The Pokédex? Yes, in the plural, because the size of Kalos justifies there are not one, but three Pokédex with more than 100 Pokemon, each complete: Kalos Center, Kalos Costa, and Kalos Mountain.
What differentiates this adventure from the former is a less individualistic orientation: this time, the adventure is shared with four friends, Serena (or Kalm), Beni, Trovato, and Xana, with whom you share the particular mission you entrusted Professor Cypress in city Luminalia: investigate the secrets of the mega evolution.
The mega evolution of Pokémon, as well as being the common thread of the adventure, is an exciting novelty in the dynamics of the Pokemon fighting: with the help of the Mega-Hoop and their respective Megapiedra, some Pokémon like Mewtwo, Charizard, Absol, or Lucario can megaevolucionar during combat and attack in turn.
Far from being pure fan service, which is also (and much), the megaevolucion allows us to surprise the opponent making the Pokemon megaevolucione whenever you want. The strategy will be conditioned by the fact that only one of your Pokemon may megaevolucionar in combat: Although several Pokémon can carry their Megapiedra and potentially megaevolucionar, once you have megaevolucionado a Pokemon, even if you exchange it or they weaken you, the rest can not do the same. And the surprise is not small: the mega evolution increases certain characteristics, giving new skills, or even changing your type in the same turn. ~
Pokemon Y Download PC has some small defects that worsen a little experience of the game, as the mapping without the brief ralentizamiento of some fighting or those sudden changes at the angle of the game camera, stereoscopic 3D, believe that Game Freak has achieved the main Pokemon from a giant leap series later, responding to the expectations of the fans of life to play Pokemon now yes, a Pokemon game 3D graphics at the level of this series.

Pokemon Y pc version


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3- Open the 64-bit or 32-bit launcher.

4- Done.

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LAST UPDATE: 27.02.2024

Pokemon Y free download