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Infamous Second Son PC Download reminds us that everyone has to retire sometime… Therefore, Cole McGrath gives witness to Delsin Rowe, a hero to the new times. Return it famous or “infamous”?
The Infamous franchise is one of the most iconic PlayStation 3, so Sucker Punch had a good hot leg in hand when he began to develop this Second are for PS4. Not only had to be a good sandbox, it should also demonstrate how much better things when PlayStation 4 is which moves the gears.
If you’ve been awaiting the news these days, you’ve seen how jumped the alarms about the so-called graphical drop of the game about as seen in the past. As well, there is no worry. After completing the game, I can assure that it is one of the most interesting visual experiences of the moment. And as a sandbox? Therefore it is also quite well. But let’s start at the beginning, which gives us the desire and put on our ‘Toos’.
So, Cole McGrath has had two games to mount jarana, but after the spectacular events that we saw in New Marais, touch pass to a new hero: Delsin Rowe. Its appearance is not so much that of an archetypal superhero and is closer to a cross between Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad and the graffiti of the street’s side. At the beginning, although gamberrete, seems quite scary what is happening… Until you start to pick you the taste to that of powers, of course.
Next to it we have Reggie, his older brother, who will be responsible to make him lose the clouds, literally and metaphorically. Certainly a very interesting and “human,” character that contrasts with the poor this delivery: Brooke Augustine, a jefaza of the umbonopaleal army and an expert in the use of the powers of concrete. Delsin embarks on an adventure through the streets of Seattle to curb the dominance of Augustine and save its oppressed people (the hero comes from the Indian tribe akomish).
The speaker on the remote does have more grace. For example, the secondary characters we call mobile on occasion and ringtone can be heard through the loudspeaker of the Dual Shock. I can assure you that on more than one occasion I’ve thought I was real!
In terms of the control itself, it is quite comfortable. Melee attacks are made with a button, the movements are very fluid and, in general, it is easy to orient themselves in the midst of the battle. It is sometimes confusing to remember how throwing according to which projectiles, but it is a question of practice.
But, how can we have come to this point? If jugasteis to Infamous 2, you know that you bundled a good: now there are drivers (i.e. people with powers, able to handle certain elements of nature) everywhere. Called “bioterrorism” by the Government, these superhumans are persecuted and imprisoned by the umbonopaleal army When three of them escape near Seattle, Delsin is “infected” the power of the smoke. Now you will have to learn to deal with their new skills. inFAMOUS Second Son Download PC version right below!


inFAMOUS Second Son download pc


Infamous Second Son PC Download follows the formula of the series: we have a huge open environment at our disposal to explore, go for the main missions or “get lost” with secondary tasks. The latter are not high originality, precisely: destroy cameras or security checks, look for items that will improve our skills, release civilians captured…
There are only two secondary tasks a tad different: on the one hand, we have the graffiti, which we can paint in key points of the map. To do this, activates a mini-game in which we turn 90 ° Dual Shock 4 and move it as if we were doing the same with a spray. There is no time limit, nor is it possible to fail, so you have the grace to see the final drawing, but it does not challenge.
The second and most striking is the way Paper Trail. It is a joint experience of the game and a website. Basically, it consists of follow clues to a mystery related to the game. For 6 weeks is will be releasing episodes playable on the subject (in general terms, explain the invasion of Seattle by the umbonopaleal).
In addition, we can enter actual websites for further research. In total, this experience will be 5 hours, which is a very interesting addition. That Yes, bear in mind that it is a complementary experience, it is not necessary to pass the game.
And long history if we are to sack for all? Approximately 12 hours, the which not bad, but is somewhat below average for the genre. Except on a couple of occasions, the action is confined to Seattle, which has a sufficiently large mapped, but is within the normal in the genre. By the way, to attack the forces of the umbonopaleal and mermamos its presence in each area, we can unlock quick access points.
In general, the pace of the missions is quite good, above in the first and the last. Characters have good because of this: Although Delsin falls a bit bad at the beginning (is the typical gamberrete that will overrun), little by little come understanding their yearning and the moral dilemmas facing them.
Well, let’s go with the theme of powers, which is what matters, isn’t it? For a first look, you can enter our commented gameplay. As you may have already seen, Delsin does not use electricity as did Cole. His main ability is linked to the smoke. In general terms, there is no much difference: we can “plan”, launch projectiles with hand or beat rivals melee, as before. We also have a tree of abilities that we can get better depending on the good or bad karma that we obtain or our level rises.
Infamus Second Son Download PC promised to become one of the greatest bulwarks graphics PlayStation 4. In recent weeks, there are who questioned this aspect. Had a technical downturn hit the game in the process? From Sucker Punch ensured that not… And we give them the reason. There are many aspects that are above the average: the effects of lighting and particles are a joy (for example, when Delsin absorbs neon signs or fragments), models and facial animations during cut scenes also surprised…

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inFAMOUS Second Son free download

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