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LAST UPDATE: 13.04.2024

About Fire Emblem Fates Revelation PC Version

Fire Emblem Fates Revelation PC Download is a Japanese tactical role-playing game published by Nintendo. It is a series of games in three versions, each following a diverse storyline but focused on the same set of characters. The three installations include Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. The Fire Emblem Fates Revelation PC Download, the third installation is in downloadable content, while the first two are physical releases.
The story centers on an Avatar customized by the player. The Avatar is reluctantly drawn into a war between their origin and adopted home. In Revelation, the Avatar reunites these opposing sides to uncover the true instigator of the war.
At the beginning of the plot, the Avatar is declared a traitor to both sides as he declines to side with any of the two. Along the journey of fleeing, the Avatar and Azura start on a new expedition to kill Anankos, the mastermind of the war between Hoshiod and Nohr. As the story progresses, reconciliation and reunion are necessary from the opposing sides. However, Avatar and the rest of the characters still face peril with Gunter’s betrayal.
In Revelation, the game developers introduce diversification of the player base by allowing players to nurture same-sex relationships. In the first two versions of the game, namely Conquest and Birthright, only the potential female or male partners appear.
While Birthright and Conquest are good for warming up players and introducing challenges, Revelation is somewhat of a middle ground between these two game versions. In terms of weaponry, Revelation follows the mechanics of Birthright. Swords attacks and magic triumph over physical weapons such as bows, while the latter are superior to lances. Fire Emblem Fates Revelation: Download the PC Version right now!


Fire Emblem Fates Revelation download pc


Troop building is effective in Fire Emblem Fates Revelation PC download as with the two initial game releases. The player has a vast selection of archers, combatants, lancers, and casters. Since the character resource is rich, the outcome of the battles will depend on the player’s selected strategy.
Like the character resources, the Fire Emblem Fates Revelation Download PC offers ample physical resources, including gems, berries, wheat, and accessories. Unlike other popular games, where the player struggles to build a stock of resources, Revelation allows the player to focus on other, more critical aspects of the game by providing many resources.
In terms of design, Revelation has an intricate map scheme. It is structured with multiple interactive features.
The Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation differs from Birthright and Conquest in that the storyline does not incorporate an almost treacly dramatic plot. With Revelation, the plot is more rational and exciting. The overall storyline of the Revelation is a roller coaster of emotions, which makes the twists more surprising. Aside from the exciting development of the game, the challenges presented allow the player to experience the joy and pleasure of building troops without worrying about the resources and instead allow better focus on the strategy. Overall, the Fire Emblem Fates Revelation Download PC is the best way to cap off the series of Fire Emblem Fates.



Fire Emblem Fates Revelation pc version



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LAST UPDATE: 13.04.2024

Fire Emblem Fates Revelation free download