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The Tomorrow Children PC Download for PS4 is an action game and adventure online multiplayer and cooperative that challenges us to defend the city and restore humanity. The conscience of humanity has been fusional into a mass called “Void” after an experiment that went wrong, and citizens who remain will have to choose between different classes and re-establish civilization from city to city. We may use weapons to ward off the monsters that haunt us, cooperating with other players to save the planet.
Just over a year ago, we tested the alpha of The Tomorrow Children, one of the most vexing future catalogs of PlayStation 4 games – and not more because there are Dreams. It is the new creation of Q-Games, the study that offered us several titles of different genres under the name PixelJunk in the past generation. The project continues with no definite date, but in recent days, we have been able to look at progress with a more crowded test beta phase.
These clones, represented by girls – dolls-like, must share the roles according to the needs of civilization. In The Tomorrow, children are members of a society that works for the city’s growth. Forget the competitiveness and the heroics; if you work correctly, you will be rewarded, but mostly, you’ll be helping to strengthen your teammates. Similarly, loitering and postponing the neediest tasks each time delay community progress.
There are several differences in the beta on Alpha. Alpha was more oriented to test the connection and fully functional in the basics. The beta has expanded content and introduced several new features in the aspect that most of us worried about: the fun and overall development. As before, the usual cycle consists of choosing one of the available activities based on our preferences, equipment, and level of parameters – skill, strength, power, patriotism, agility, and strength-: go to the mountains to dig to extract necessary elements of survival or increase the population, prepare for combat against the Izverg – devastating creatures – or maintenance of the city developing new constructions, loading energy reserves or distributing resources that are transported on the bus.
Between them, the news is deepened slightly in the differences between the proletariat and the resident bourgeois, who have special privileges. Tomorrow Children works as a real society, with periodic elections of the Mayor where politicians make a series of promises to improve tools or give more freedom of construction. The beta provides us direct access to the rights of bourgeois living, which means permission to manufacture all items in desks and buy more quality tools, in addition to building a residence in the chosen city. Each city has a limit of people and buildings, so you must watch that – and the existence of friends, if you like – when choosing your city. The Tomorrow Children Download PC Version right below!


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The Tomorrow Children PC Download consists of a persistent online world set in a society that the Soviet Union and the stories of Japanese monsters and the kaiju inspire. Although the beta does not cover it, the story is that we told you in our latest impressions: the 1960s Russian dystopian performed an experiment that aimed to unite all human minds in a single consciousness. The result is so terrible that it leaves the decimated planet, and during subsequent decades, what remains is to rebuild civilization using projected clones working in a vacuum, sprawling grounds, and nothing where they occasionally appear as mountains with essential resources.
More elements of personalization, the city – decorative objects and clothing, as well as construction restrictions related to the city’s progress- will shape up what could be the final version. Initially, they have to set priorities in the police force, which gives access to the turrets, then electric generators, tents, City Hall – which raises the limit of the population – or the Ministry of Labour. For this, it needs to maintain healthy reserves of food, wood, coal, metal, and glass. Russian doll dolls increase population, so consumption is a prerequisite to expanding the city.
But there is a curious aspect that circumvents the strict legality of the prevailing and which is not alien to the functioning of a highly organized society: the black market, where you can buy costumes, powers, gestures, cans of energy, tools, and unique permissions or before that by normal means.
The experience system should be balanced to reward actions that are not now. If you get minerals, the experience gets accumulated resources in the city, not by the extraction. This means that tasks can not be well distributed, and if you want to level up, you must bring material to the city – with the long bus trip-. An optimal strategy would be sharing the experience with the user that cava and to which carries that object to its container.
The impressions of new users, reflected in forums and social networks, also indicate that he calls for a better explanation for the game’s operation. The beta includes a short tutorial about the excavation and the danger of the dark – that harms our clone- and presumably, at launch, it will consist of extensive information about daily life in the city. Need more transparency, prevent the creation of buildings if the maximum capacity has been covered, and generally avoid possible roles of players with the temptation of teasing the rest – to dismantle key buildings, for example.
The Tomorrow Children Download PC will not leave anyone indifferent. Behind its very personal visual appearance, we are faced with a title of strategy and management where we are not a God or a King, but the worker Ant of the colony, hard workers who put their two cents in this simplified metaphor of the social structure. And like any city or country, success and failure depend not only on how well you play individually.
Q-Games still owe us some answers, Polish fringes, and prove that long-term deserves to contribute to the collective effort. Luckily, the beta has improved feelings about alpha, and the more time we play, the more convinced we are living in a particular release the can Captivate users tired of the action and the rivalry. Just for that, it already deserves our attention.



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