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LAST UPDATE: 12.07.2024

About Pokemon Shuffle PC Version

Pokémon Shuffle PC Download for Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS has the danger of hooking you. You begin with a simple level (as this puzzle) and become more flawed than Celia Villalobos with Candy Crush. It is what is free to play!
I confess to buying packs of stickers in Line (if they are adventure hour, I excuse?). I can understand that you prompted extra money according to what DLC, but the microtransactions of Pokémon Shuffle are a very cruel twist to the free-to-play system: you didn’t bother spending coins when we were coaches of people paddle collecting wild critters, but yes it hurts to spend real money on buying a Superball that we can not catch Pokemon and also stay without the money from the sandwich. More than a free-to-play, Shuffle is a machine slot.
Is this controversial freemium route just a flirt with the mobile universe or the box of Pandora for Nintendo? Steel Diver: Sub Wars already was the idea of the free-to-play that you incites to buy additional content, but this Shuffle is dedicated to testing how much time you can play without paying a hard. Welcome to a pulse by the health mental.
Any free-to-play has its limitations, and there are many in the case of Pokemon Shuffle. We only have five lives, and whenever we are faced with a Pokemon, we spend one of them. To retrieve them, just wait 30 minutes! or scratch the Pocket and buy a jewel in the eShop. These jewels cost 0.99 euros and can be redeemed for five lives or 3,000 coins in the game. Pokemon Shuffle Download PC Version right below!

Pokémon Shuffle PC Download is a free-to-play of The Pokémon Company. The game is available for download free of charge through the eShop exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family. The title is a mix of puzzles and atrapa-monstruos, having as its main attraction the Pokemon as protagonists; however, most of its charm ends there: although it tries to imitate formulas of the puzzle, can remember Candy Crush Saga or Puzzle and Dragons, the truth is that their mechanics are much more simple and limited and with very little satisfaction for users who do not pay. The game does not permit screen captures or the use of 3D.

Pokemon Shuffle download pc

Like many other Pokemon games, Shuffle is one coach whose objective is to hunt down creatures and deal with other coaches. Just here, it matches with the classic Pokemon. Shuffle is composed of a series of levels to get a Pokemon in each. Each phase is to make groups of three or more Pokémon on the bottom screen (by dragging them without restrictions). To make these lines vertical or horizontal (in cross or ele also), attack the creature of the screen top. There are limited movements for each match, but when it runs out of PS (health points), we have won, and we can go to a second part and launch the Pokeball.
Another problem is the shifts, not because the stages have them (if not, where would be the difficulty) but because of the background music and the fact that every three seconds, a block that eliminates a Pokémon doesn’t invite you to take the items calmly to plan how to beat the pokemon with the few movements that we have (the solution is to buy turns of course, and if you don’t have coins purchase gems with money, clear).
Pokemon Shuffle Download PC cries out to a need: the Japanese fatten their coffers and come to mind the crazy idea of launching Mario, which is paid by jumping higher. Waits are eternal, 30 minutes for life without the satisfaction of keeping it if we do things well and overcome the screens.


Pokemon Shuffle pc version


1- Click the “Download Pokemon Shuffle” button below.

2- Open the File “Pokemon Shuffle PC Downloader” and install it.

3- Open the 64bits or 32 bits launcher.

4- Done.

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LAST UPDATE: 12.07.2024

Pokemon Shuffle free download