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About Heavy Rain PC Version

Heavy Rain PC Download is not a game of joint action, it is much more than that. First, it is essential to remember that if you are a fan of frantic action and a few scenes of animation, this game was not made for you.
The title has a gripping storyline that makes the game look fantastic with a movie. The difference is that you are the one who rides the course of this story. That’s right, the high point of Heavy Rain is the direction that history can take, making you hardly play the game only once. Not to mention the possibility of many different endings.
The story revolves around four characters whose stories intertwined in the course of the plot, all related to the crimes committed by the Origami killer. Each character has specific features and functions throughout the storyline; they are Ethan Mars-architect who lives a hell astral with his son Shaun; Madison Page-photographer who needs to live with his insomnia; Scott, a private detective of the victim of the killer and who has chronic asthma; Norman Jayden-FBI agent who counts with the help of its modern and sophisticated glasses.
The main bet of Heavy Rain is related to the interaction with the characters and your business. Most of the time, you will need to perform movements for simple functions such as shaving and putting dinner, or more complex movements such as running from the police and facing a fight. For this, it is necessary to perform the exact sequence of commands displayed on the screen, which varies with the analog and sync buttons, and even shake your Dual Shock.
This formula makes you watch all animations without leaving the concentration on the side. It may seem so, but it works perfectly, especially if we consider that the game offers the possibility to be played in the Portuguese language in Portugal. You just have to get used to the expression “small town” as: Damn, man.
The time necessary to control the characters by scenarios is needed to be aware of the massive integration with the elements. For example, at the beginning of the game, the tasks with Shaun and the timetables of each are required. So it is essential to organize to make the boy a little TV, a snack, prepare homework, dinner, and go to bed, all at certain times. If they are not met, you will not have a ‘ Game Over, ‘but leaving some tasks aside on certain occasions can influence the course of history.
Heavy Rain is a unique game and enough to prove the ability of sometimes underestimated electronic entertainment. Contrary to what many think, the games can create empathy with the player, arousing different feelings about the labels associated with video games.
Visually and technically speaking, the soundtrack also contributes to this challenging task, which has been constantly praised by David Cage, director of the title. Heavy Rain has textures and breathtaking effects, mainly modeling the characters ‘ faithfulness. Heavy Rain Download PC Version right below!


Heavy Rain download pc
In Heavy Rain PC Download, many details appear simultaneously on the screen, and sometimes, we seem to be watching a movie. As for audio, the title also surprises me. The game has several tracks that fit perfectly to the moments and feelings of the character. In a nutshell, it’s a trail worthy of a movie.
Heavy Rain is a different title, inauguring a new genre: interactive drama. Therefore, as already commented, this is only a game for some. In addition, some other problems hinder the sim of the title. The first floor has become complicated. The developer has weirdly mapped the controls — you hold R2 for walking and moving your character with the right analog stick, which can cause some problems in certain moments.
However, it is good to note that the movement of the characters could be better. Due to being primarily fixed cameras, you will feel lost in time to get around in some scenarios. To make matters worse, the control renders complex movements ineffective, causing you to twist to get back to the animations on the screen.
The game received an update after the release of the PS Move accessory. With it, you can perform other movements, quite different from the run with the default joystick. A curious example is when Ethan shaves in the bathroom, you should complete the same movement with the PS Move.
Points out the minor bugs of Heavy Rain. There are characters across others, glasses that come “out of nowhere” in Norman’s face, and a few bursts of polygons (expressions for when small pieces of the scenario start blinking without any function).
Although the graphics are very well designed and made up of real actors, some facial expressions don’t get the exact response time of a line (in the original English version, of course). This is very evident in sequences of arguments between the plot’s characters.
Heavy Rain Download PC is a game that revolutionized the next generation of consoles. With a system based on a combination of buttons and movements and an exciting plot full of twists and turns, the game was considered by various specialized media as the game of the year for PS3. Do you agree?



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